Chillin' Penguins Slots

Chillin' Penguins Slots is a fabulously fun new slot game on the rise as players from all over flock to this one to try it out. Since its release date there have been great comments about this slot game. It is a lovely friendly themed game alongside some serious features that really make it worth your while to play. These penguins are chillin’, but they’re also looking at the metre rise are they fill up their bank. Join their vacation and relax to the tropical beach vibes as they dive and re surface, sharing the sparkling treasures they find underneath the water.

Must Know Attributes of Chillin' Penguins Slots

There are lots of great attributes of this game. The theme being one of them, the backdrop on the screen is a pool of water with bits of sandy land around it. The animations of the penguins are very cute and are very detailed. The software of this game is top quality, and if you are a fan of anything water based you will love this slot game.

Must Know Attributes of Chillin' Penguins Slots

There are so many fantastic features here in this slot game. To start with there is the f the Freezin’ Penguins feature. If this one is triggered, the Rubber Duck will be switched out with the paying symbol. You won’t receive any more Wilds for the duration of the Freezin’ Penguins round. There is another feature where you can hit the “stop” button on the reels in mid-spin. When you do, the reels will stop early and it could change your outcome for the better. This makes playing feel a lot more interactive than it would if there were no way to interrupt the spins. Also, the RTP is 95.76%. which is very decent.

To Sum It All Up

Overall this slot game is definitely one to try out. The features and attributes are fabulous and really give players a good chance to get to the cash prize. If you have been on the hunt for the next slot game to play then look no further, this is the one for you. What’s not to like, penguins, water and diving for treasure, there is great happy vibes in this slot game. If you are a high or low roller there is space for you here. The minimum bet is 0.2 and the maximum is at 200. So come on down and try it out today.